Aesthetic medicine in the face consists in the rejuvenation of it using minimally invasive procedures. Facial filling have the objective of attenuating wrinkles and facial sulcus that appear with the years. My methodology consists in the analysis of aging of the face, establishing a panfacial therapeutic plan, i.e. considering the entire face.

I seek not only the rejuvenation of the face, as well as the biologic stimulus of biostimulator products, in such a way as to slow down the biological clock. Complementary, I use the botulinum toxin, especially in the forehead, “chicken-feet”, perilabial wrinkles and neck. It is fundamental to use biocompatible products and/or bioabsorbable, in a way to prevent serious adverse reactions of the strange body type or rejection. The products that I use are not of animal origin, therefore, avoiding any allergies. Safety is fundamental, which is why I use the products that offer me complete trust in the outcome.

The most usual procedures are:

– botulinum toxin;
– evidence the 1/3 upper face;
– dark circles contours;
– on the one hand, sulcus in the face, and, on the other hand, in the nose and mouth;
– “marionette” lines or chinese mustache;
– lips and perilabial wrinkles;
– mandibular contour;
– advance the chin.

The CO2 fractioned laser and medical peelings are also good instruments for the cutaneous rejuvenation. Generally, patients return immediately to their social and professional life. When lips or the perioral region are operated, the edema (swelling) will be clearly visible in the first 48 hours, therefore, patients should abstain from any compromises during this time. Adverse effects that may occur are ecckymoses (small bruises), edema, or some sensibility in the treated areas for some days. There are no serious adverse effects and/or permanent when we use adequate products.

Aesthetic Medicine – Concept



Furrows between mouth, nose and face. Lips.


Dark circles.