Liposuction: how I do it

In September 2017, the organizing committee invited me to speak about liposuction and how I do it to achieve a better body contour. This occurred on the ISAPS Lisbon Symposium with an active international participation and discussion about the state-of-art in aesthetic breast surgery and body contouring.

Certificado Helder Silvestre ISAPS

The faculty members invited to speak about their work had a high scientific quality level and came from all over the world.

This is a unique opportunity for exchanging experiences and different approaches. This exchange is fundamental to ensure the development of the best practices and evolve the medical science in this field.

Liposuction how I do it


At the frontier of knowledge

At the 35th Symposium on Aesthetic Surgery “Cutting Edge” in New York. Keeping at the frontier of knowledge is an effective way of always providing the best to our patients. In this symposium, sharing experiences and knowledge is of fundamental importance to that purpose.

Lecture at the EASAPS 2015 and 7a Academy of Merz Aesthetics

I’ve been invited to present in the morning of October, 3rd, in Lisbon, my work on lipoma dominoplasty with circular lipomodelation, at the Annual Meeting of Aesthetic Surgery of the Breast and Body Contouring, together with the a international Society of Plastic and Aesthetics Surgery. Afterwards, in the afternoon in Madrid, I’ve been invited to lecture about my work on a holistic approach to facial rejuvenation at the 7th Academy of Continuous Formation of Merz Aesthetics.

An intense day 🙂


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I’ d like to share some of my patients opinions. Regardless of being aimed at myself, they reflect also the work of my team without which it wouldn’t be possible to change the life of my patients.
HSteam “To Dr. Helder Silvestre I leave my deepest thanks not only for being the great surgeon he is (I made a liposculpture and septoehinoplasty), as well as his generosity, sympathy and contagious sense of humor. You have a real aesthetic sense e attentive to details. I highly recommend him.” L.

“Excellent in clarifying doubts. I highly recommend him!”

“Dr. Helder Silvestre is one of the excellent Plastic Surgeons of Portugal, I highly recommend him. I’ve been treated with all professionalism.”

“Dr. Helder Silvestre is a great surgeon. A great professional and a friend I’ll never forget! Thank you Dr.Helder.” M. C.

“Dr. Helder is a Professional with a capital P, very sweet and attentive, he has increased my Ego. I’ll never forget him. Thank you.” 

“I found Dr. Helder to be Super-profissional, very clear in advising and explaining.”

“Dr. Helder is one of the best I know and a fantastic professional.”

“I made a breast reduction with Dr. Helder Silvestre and loved it. I recommend him to all. All the best.”

On facial rejuvenation at Costa Brava

Costa Brava 2014 HSMy clinical experience has allowed the development of an holistic approach to facial rejuvenation. At the end of september, I’ve been invited for a lecture at the Mediterranean Forum on Aesthetics and Anti-Aging Medicine where I had the opportunity to share that experience.


Besides being welcomed, some contact have started to strengthen a more active collaboration with Russian colleagues. CostaBrava2014