This technique corresponds to an aesthetic surgery in the buttocks. These are a very important anatomical region in the human body aesthetics.

Esta técnica corresponde a uma cirurgia estética das nádegas. Essas são uma região anatómica muito importante na estética do corpo humano. Fallen buttocks are synonymous to aging. Buttocks with youth’s convex form add  joviality and sensuality to the human body. In gluteoplasty, it is intended to given an adequate shape and volume to the person’s biotype.

We have 3 methods to model the buttock region:

1- liposculpture with lipofilling (graft of fat)

2- silicone prostheses

3- Macrolane (gel based on hyaluronic acid)

In the appointment I explain the virtues and limitations of each technique, and depending of each specific case, what is the technique that I recommend. Generally, with Macrolane or a graft of fat, the patient returns to his/her social and professional life immediately, or within 3 to 5 days. With the introduction of silicone prostheses, the patient should rest, at least for 15 days.

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