Intimate surgery

We live in a time where the world speaks openly about sexuality and, especially, feminine sexuality has an expression and importance that it would not have in other ages and/or cultures. Many women know that, if unsatisfied with the shape of their vulva or relaxation of the vaginal channel, there are plastic surgery techniques that may help them feel much more comfortable in their intimacy.

Feminine external genitals consist in the vulva and clitoris. In the vulva, the most important anatomic areas for a pleasant vaginal aesthetic are the labia minora and  majora. The vaginal contraction corresponds to the entrance of the vagina, which may be squeezed, such as the vaginal channel. The clitoris, in very specific cases, can be increased or decreased.

The most common complain is the prominence of the labia minora, particularly in women that were mother, or young women that practice sport with longer contact with hard surfaces, for example, cycling and horse riding. Generally, the labia minora should not overcome the limits of labia majora. When the labia minora are very large, besides being unattractive, it interferes with the hygiene and causes discomfort during sexual intercourse, physical exercise or the use of bikinis, or tight clothes. The labia majora can be reduced or increased. Surgeries can be performed under local anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation, depending on the cases. In the post-operative, it is fundamental the local application of ice, antibiotic ointment and sexual abstinence for 30 days.