Blepharoplasty or Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery of Eyelids

Usually, the first area of the face that shows signs of aging are the eyelids. That happens due to its anatomy, very thin skin and muscle, as well as its physiology, in almost constant movement. The flabbiness of the orbital septum and of the orbicularis muscle of the eyelids leads to the emergence of what is designated as “puffy” eyes, which are nothing more than a pseudoherniation of the adipose pouches. If the lacrimal groove is already evident, instead of removing this fat, it is transferred to that depression, achieving in this way a smooth transition and, therefore, becoming younger between the lower eyelids and the face.

In the same surgery, I remove the excess of skin and/or muscle. If the external corner of the eyes has dropped, people look sad and unattractive. Such correction is made in the same surgery and is designated as canthopexy. As to the upper eyelids, if there is an excess of skin and/or muscle and/or fat, I correct it, designating this surgery as Blepharoplasty of the Upper Eyelids. I emphasize that the rejuvenation of the periocular region (eyelids) is fundamental to the rejuvenation of the face. This surgery is made with a local anesthesia, with or without associated sedation, and the patient return to his/her social and professional life, on average, 7 to 10 days later.