The face is the noblest and more complex anatomic area of the human body. It is undeniably the mirror of the soul. What one wants in the aesthetic and plastic facial surgery is the patient’s rejuvenation, not his/her decharacterization, or that all faces look the same.

My concept is the harmonious and natural rejuvenation of the face, relocating facial tissues where these have been a few years ago. In facial “lift”, the face is moved upward by designing the mandible, defining the neck and redesigning the face’s upper third without “stretching” the skin. In this way, patients will look younger and without signs of having been into surgery. What I want is that the patient look like himself … but younger. Often I associate the surgical act to acts of aesthetic medicine, before or after, in order to optimize the results. Frequently, during surgery, I also introduce or remove fat from certain facial areas.

Under the surgeon’s supervision, the patient should perform lymphatic drainages of the face for 2 to 3 weeks, in such a way that recovery be as fast as possible. Usually, the patient returns to his/her social and professional life 2 to 3 weeks after, while still a little swollen.


 Facelift and rhinoplasty