Facial Aesthetic


Facial aesthetic medicine consists of rejuvenating the face with minimally invasive procedures and should be used after carefully analysing facial ageing.

The aim of facial fillers is to minimise the wrinkles and furrows that appear over the years. Aesthetic medicine is essential for facial rejuvenation, either on its own or in combination with other techniques such as fat grafting, face lifts, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, etc. I use aesthetic medicine on more than 99% of my patients whose faces I treat, often in combination with facial surgery, in order to obtain the best possible result.

My methodology consists of analysing the ageing of the face and establishing a pan-facial therapeutic plan, i.e. for the whole face. My aim is not only to rejuvenate the face, but also to biologically stimulate it with biostimulant products, so that the biological clock ticks more slowly. In addition, I use botulinum toxin, especially on the forehead, crow’s feet, perilabial wrinkles and neck. Fractional CO2 laser and medical peels are also good tools for skin rejuvenation.

Usual treatments

  • Toxin injection;
  • Highlighting the upper 1/3 of the face;
  • Contouring the eye circles;
  • Grooves between the face and the nose and mouth;
  • Puppet lines or Chinese moustache;
  • Lips and perilabial wrinkles;
  • Mandible contour;
  • Chin advancement.


In general, patients return immediately to their socio-professional lives.

When lips or the perioral region are done, the oedema (swelling) will be very visible in the first 48 hours, so patients should refrain from appointments during this time.

Adverse effects that may occur are bruising, the aforementioned oedema (swelling), or some sensitivity in the treated areas for a few days.

There are no serious and/or permanent adverse effects when using the right products.

Safety is paramount, which is why I use biocompatible and/or bioabsorbable products of non-animal origin that I can trust so that there are no serious adverse reactions, such as foreign bodies or rejection.

See Before and After

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Case Study 3 – Lips with hyaluronic acid

Case Study 4 – Panfacial treatment with medical rhinoplasty or rhinomodelling

Case Study 5 – Correction of dark circles and rhinomodelling (Medical Rhinoplasty)

When aesthetic units match, with smooth transitions, beauty reveals itself