Male breast enlargement

Increased breast volume in men is called Gynaecomastia if the tissue is essentially breast tissue and Pseudogynaecomastia if it is due to fat deposits.

It is quite common in young boys in their teens (13-14 years old) and is caused by a transient hormonal disorder. It can be unilateral or bilateral and disappears in most cases by the end of adolescence.

If it’s a large increase in volume, surgery should be carried out without delay so that the boys can lead normal, uncomplicated lives. If gynaecomastia appears before puberty, paediatrics should carry out a complete hormonal study on these children.
In adults, the most frequent causes are excess weight and genetic propensity. Other causes include the intake of certain drugs, liver disease, tumours, etc …

Gynaecomastia causes serious discomfort in young men, leading to social distancing and a serious drop in self-esteem. If it’s serious, it should be corrected quickly to avoid problems with psycho-motor development.
Adult men seek help, in the vast majority of cases, in the context of improving body contour, associated with correcting fat accumulation in other areas of the body.


The surgery is performed under sedation and local anaesthesia or under general anaesthesia and lasts between 30 minutes and 2h30 minutes, depending on the surgical techniques required for correction.
The patient stays a maximum of one night in the clinic and leaves with a compression waistcoat.


For a quick recovery, I recommend:

  • Use of ice;
  • Use of the compression waistcoat for 30 days;
  • Do not wet the surgical wounds;
  • Avoiding physical effort.

The average return to socio-professional life is 3-7 days for non-manual occupations.

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