Reconstructive Plastic


The aim of reconstructive surgery is the anatomical reconstruction and functional recovery of affected regions or structures in the body.

As a Plastic Surgeon, I do breast reconstruction, burn sequelae and congenital pathologies (e.g. nasal and labial sequelae of cleft palates, palpebral ptosis, syndactyly… etc).

Reconstructive plastic surgery is often an emergency. In the appointment with the Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon, the diagnosis and therapeutic plan will be made to suit the deformity presented.

See Before and After

Case Study 1 – Unilateral congenital palpebral prosthesis

Case Study 2 – Excision of keloids and reconstruction of the ear pinna

Case Study 3 – In 2008 Carla Luz suffered an accident that burned 60% of her body. At the time, I was able to treat her at St Joseph’s Hospital in the Burns Unit and continue reconstructing her face to this day. Learn a little about the extraordinary story of this “warrior with burnt skin” through her book, in which I had the privilege of participating by writing my testimony.

What to consider before an intervention

Patient’s real expectations

Ageing effects

Expertise in different techniques

Priority in returning to social and professional life

Naturalness as a mandatory premise